Where we know
your pets are family

All Pets Clinic

Where We Know Your Pets Are Family

Caring for your Pets is our Passion

Here at All Pets Clinic, caring for animals is more than our job; it’s our passion. Each of us knows first-hand what it means to want the very best for our own animal family members, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your pets receive the kind of care we want for our own.

Whether you bring your pet to All Pets Clinic for routine care or major surgery, we’ll do all we can to make you and your companion feel as welcome and comfortable as possible—from a personal escort from your car to the Clinic, to calming words and gentle strokes to soothe a frightened patient.

Our Beginnings—and an Eye toward the Future

All Pets Clinic was founded by Dr. Suzanne T. Billiar in 1996. In July of 2017 All Pets Clinic was purchased by Dr. Christina Collins. Dr. Collins earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science in 2013, and is committed to ensuring that each and every All Pets patient is treated with the highest standard of care based on the very latest knowledge and advances in veterinary medicine.

Individualized Care

No two pets are alike, and no one knows your pet better than you do. At All Pets Clinic we provide state-of-the-art, individualized care based on your pet’s unique needs, and are committed to working with you, our client, as an integral part of the healthcare team to determine what’s best for your pet.

Comprehensive Wellness and Preventive Care

From annual exams and vaccines to parasite prevention, lab work, dental care, and skin and pet allergy treatment in Ocala FL, All Pets Clinic provides the preventive care required to monitor your pet’s health over time and catch any problems as early as possible.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Time is of the essence when a pet becomes ill or is injured. Here at All Pets Clinic cutting-edge technology—such as digital radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy—helps us to diagnose your pet’s illness or injury more quickly and accurately than ever before, allowing treatment to begin promptly.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to work quickly to process samples, such as blood work, and the All Pets pharmacy provides immediate access to any needed medications.

Advanced Medical and Surgical Care

When your pet is ill or injured, you want the best possible, most compassionate care that ensures a complete and speedy recovery, while keeping your pet safe and comfortable.

Whether your pet has a minor illness or needs complex surgery, our state of the art medical and surgical technology, combined with our veterinarians’ experience and expertise, ensure that your pet will receive the highest-quality medical and surgical care based on the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

A Helping Hand

All Pets Clinic is proud to lend a helping hand to animal welfare and rescue organizations, including the Humane Society of Marion County, Animal Services of Marion County and the ANIMIS Foundation, a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic animals and wildlife. We also provide newly adopted pets a complimentary comprehensive examination when they come from the Humane Society of Marion County or Animal Services of Marion County. All of us at All Pets Clinic look forward to working with even more organizations in the future, and to being actively involved in the Ocala community.


All Pets Clinic is appointment only. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Payment Policy

All Pets Clinic accepts payment in the form of cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and CareCredit. Payment is due at the time of services.

Location & Hours

LOCATION: 1139 E Silver Springs Blvd. | Ocala, FL 34470

HOURS: Monday through Friday: 7:30am–6:00pm | Saturday & Sunday: closed

Join the All Pets Family

Please feel free to call us at (352) 351-3588 to make an appointment or ask questions about our services.

To learn more about All Pets Clinic, browse through our website, email us at clinic@myallpetsclinic.com and find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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