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Benefits of Dog Boarding in Ocala FL

If you are going away for a long weekend or even if you just have a busy day ahead of you, dog boarding in Ocala FL may be right for you. Many pet owners weigh the options of pet boarding and pet sitting, but the right option can depend on several factors. Our team can help you decide when it would be the right time to board your pet, and what the benefits are of pet boarding.

Dog Boarding in Ocala FL; Cat Boarding in Ocala FL

Qualified Caretakers

Your pet can get stressed, sad, and anxious when you are away for too long. Depending on your pet's age, they may experience severe separation anxiety. They may try to get that anxiety out by becoming a bit destructive or they may show some bad behaviors. Our team can help to curb these anxious behaviors because we provide 24/7 care with on-demand attention throughout their stay. No matter what your pet may be experiencing, our team can help accommodate their needs quickly and effectively. Having a team of qualified veterinary professionals can help to keep your pet safe and sound throughout their stay with us. We are always right there to help your pet with anything they may need and of course shower them with love and attention! Our talented team is experienced in working with dogs of all breeds and ages. You can trust that your furry best friend will be in excellent hands when they come board with us!

Comfortable Facilities

Not only will your pet feel relaxed in our facilities, they may even feel like they are on their own vacation! We provide all of our doggie guests with the most comfortable environment with plenty of toys and space to run around. When you choose dog boarding in Ocala, FL, your pet gets a ton of attention from staff and they get a chance to socialize with other dogs. Every boarder gets plenty of exercise and playtime which helps to keep them happy and occupied throughout their stay. Social interaction is so important to keep your pet happy throughout the day. Not only do they love having people around, but having other animals around can help them relax and adjust to their environment. We can help pair them with some other borders who are similar to their age and size so that they feel totally comfortable and ready to play.


It is natural for your pet to experience a lot of anxiety and stress when their owners are away, even if just for a day. Exercising them throughout the day can help reduce anxiety and get out any stress they may be feeling. We help to exercise all of our boarders frequently so they can enjoy their stay and feel totally relaxed. Choosing to keep your pet at home with a sitter or even with a friend, they may not get all the attention and exercise that they need. When you choose dog boarding in Ocala FL, you can guarantee that your pet is getting the right amount of attention and exercise.

Personalized Care

Our team of veterinary professionals are used to treating every patient with unique and personalized care. That is the same level of care that we provide to all of our boarders! We accommodate your pet's every need, from diet instructions, to administering any necessary medications. Every pet in our care receives on-demand veterinary care and personalized treatments for the duration of their stay.

To learn more about our pet boarding options, call our office at (352) 269-3968, or fill out an appointment form directly on our website. We look forward to seeing you and your pup! Call our office to schedule your pet's stay with us.

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