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Joanne Z. - Client Care Specialist

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Client Care Specialist, Joanne, began her All Pets Clinic career as a receptionist in July, 2013. Today, it’s her strong work ethic and 39 years of experience working with animals that helps Joanne keep the clinic running smoothly—from scheduling appointments to checking clients and their pets in and out of the clinic, to taking prescription refill orders and making sure medical records are up to date.

As busy as she is, Joanne is always happy to answer any and all client questions, and enjoys the relationships she is able to form both with clients and the All Pets Clinic staff.

Joanne’s love and knowledge of animals knows no bounds. After 2 years as a dog groomer, she worked for 33 years at the Silver Springs Wildlife Park; first as a Zookeeper, then Supervisor and, for 9 years, as Wildlife Manager. She even took on the task of finding homes for 270 animals when the Wildlife Park closed in 2013. Joanne is a 32-year member of the International Primate Protection League, and when someone calls All Pets Clinic about an orphaned or injured native animal, it’s Joanne who steps up to help with referrals to the proper licensed rehabilitation facility.

"Being around the All Pets animals is what I like most about my work here," said Joanne, who especially enjoys seeing the exotic animals that come to the clinic.

Joanne’s own furry family consists of five indoor cats; clinic cat, Sophie, Buddy, Princess and Cuddles. Some fresh-water fish complete the family. When she’s not hard at work Joanne enjoys going to concerts and working in her yard. She hopes to one day write a book about her 33 years as a zookeeper.

Samantha V. - Client Care Specialist

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Samantha V. is one of our incredible full-time Client Care Specialists here at All Pets Clinic who joined our team in October of 2016. She enjoys interacting with the variety of animals the clinic encounters, along with their phenomenal owners to ensure both are happy and healthy together. Samantha helps with scheduling appointments, answering phones, greeting our clients and their pets, marketing, and other administrative work. She brings with her a “pawsative” attitude and a determination to help our clients in any way possible each day she comes to our facility.

Samantha is currently pursuing a degree in Animal Sciences and Accounting and aspires to further her career in veterinary medicine after graduating. She has been working in the animal related field for over 6 years. Samantha started out in high school by shadowing a veterinarian for over 500 hours to attain accreditation as a Veterinary Assistant. She then worked for a small animal practice learning to be a jack of trades before finding her “home” here at All Pets Clinic.

“I love coming to work each day knowing that I will make a difference in peoples lives, as well as their pets.” Samantha says. “I also love how this clinic feels like home, we are one big family here, and strive to treat our clients as part of that family.”

Samantha loves spending time with furry, and not so furry, family members. In her free time, she loves to go hiking with her dog Atlas, trail riding with her horse Jayda, and staying in to relax with her cat named Nessie. Some of her other hobbies include traveling, kayaking, fishing, and cooking.

Stephanie K. - Client Care Specialist

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

As one of our incredible Client Care Specialists Stephanie helps to ensure all our clients and patients receive the best quality of care imaginable. Each day Stephanie brings with her a positive attitude and an undeterred determination to make clients and their pets happy. Some of Stephanie’s daily responsibilities include greeting clients and checking them in, scheduling appointments, answering phones, client education, and checking clients out of our facility. The part that Stephanie enjoys most is being able to build relationships with our amazing clients and patients.

“My favorite thing about All Pets Clinic is how close everyone is with each other,” Stephanie says. “It’s like a big work family, always smiles and laughter. Everyone is very passionate about their job and cares for each and every patient that walks through the doors and I love it!”

Stephanie also loves going on adventures when she’s out of the office and can be found discovering new places and trying to find new things. Road trips and traveling are two activities that Stephanie will always say yes to, but her favorite thing to do in her free time is snuggling up with her furry babies and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy. At home, Stephanie has two kittens named Nova and Pepper, and a German Shepherd and Husky mix named Max.

John V. - Veterinary Technician

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

John’s passion for caring for animals took him all the way to Colombia, where this native New Yorker earned his degree in Veterinary Medicine from La Salle University in Bogota and worked as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Research Assistant. John returned to the US in 2012, and worked as Director of Medical Services and Senior Technician before joining the All Pets staff as a Veterinary Technician in October, 2016.

John is known by all for his ability to contribute to the clinic’s friendly atmosphere. His extensive knowledge and 15 years of animal care experience have proved invaluable, whether he’s educating clients, obtaining histories, taking x-rays, performing laboratory diagnostics, preparing patients for surgery or caring for hospitalized pets. John’s fluency in Spanish and certification in ultrasound scanning are added bonuses.

Providing care for pets and teaching pet owners about issues such as preventive care, diet, medications and behavior modification is what John enjoys most about his job. “Being part of a team that strives to give the best possible care to patients and clients” is a source of great satisfaction.

John spends his free time reading and cooking, but he especially enjoys spending time with his wife, son and daughter, as well as the family's "animal children:" picardy-shepherd mix Warisney and domestic short-hair cats Narnia and Agatha.

Ashley H. - Veterinary Technician

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Ashley joined our team here at All Pets Clinic in December 2017 as our veterinary technician. She assists our doctors in surgery, takes radiographs, helps create treatment plans for our patients, and helps educate our clients in all areas of animal care. One of her favorite parts of being a vet tech is educating our clients and helping their pets live their lives to the fullest health potential. With her upbeat personality and team player attitude, Ashley brings smiles to all of our furry patients' faces!

"I enjoy working at All Pets Clinic because we have a great team that is very cohesive and effective. Everyone is very caring towards all the patients we see and have been very welcoming to me, as well," Ashley says.

Ashley is no stranger to pets! She has seven horses, three pot belly pigs, a blue and gold macaw, a scarlet macaw, two umbrella cockatoos, five cats, four dogs, a flock of Sebastopol geese, call ducks, a pair of mandarin ducks, and several different breeds of chickens, including Silkies, Seramas, and Jubilee Orpingtons. Needless to say, she's got her hands full.

In her free time, Ashley loves spending time with her family, working around her farm, gardening, horseback riding, traveling, and antique shopping.

Crystal W. - Veterinary Technician

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Crystal is a full-time Veterinary Technician at All Pets Clinic. Some of her many responsibilities include assisting during surgery and exams, educating clients, laboratory diagnostics, taking x-rays and maintaining medical records. Crystal has a great passion and love for animals and takes great pride in knowing she is making a difference in their lives. Crystal loves watching patients grow from a new puppy into senior dogs. She has a soft spot for our senior patients, or as she likes to call them “oldies but goodies.”

At home, Crystal cares for an assortment of animals of her own. They include 4 dogs, 3 cats, 4 pot bellied pigs and a variety of tropical fish. In her free time, Crystal enjoys spending time and going on adventures with her husband and their 3 children. They love trips to the beach, theme parks, baseball games and road trips to anywhere and nowhere!

Jeani D. - Veterinary Technician

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Being one of our outstanding Veterinary Technicians here at All Pets Clinic, Jeani is responsible for client education, animal care, diagnostics, surgical assistance, kennel care, and much more. The parts of her job that are her favorite involve behavior education and training assistance, as well as assisting our incredible clients to provide improved overall pet care. Some unique attributes Jeani bring with her to our clinic is her Fear Free Certification and her strong empathy and compassion towards patients.

Jeani is current a student at St. Petersburg College and is enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program. She possess an Associate’s degree from the College of Central Florida, and after completing her Bachelor’s degree she aspires to pursue a Master’s degree in either Shelter Medicine or Forensic Veterinary Science.

Prior to joining our team in September of 2018, Jeani worked as a Veterinary Technician for Mulbery Grove Animal Hospital, and as a volunteer for the Humane Society of a Marion County Clinic and at Animis Rehab and Rescue. She is also the co-founder and director of W.A.G.S. Animal Rescue of Ocala.

“All Pets Clinic is constantly striving to improve patient care and client outreach,” Jeani says. “The doctors encourage continued learning and clearly love and care about their patients.”

Due to her involvement with recues, Jeanie always has foster animals at her home. These furry residents range from cats, dogs, rats, and guinea pigs. She also owns 4 dogs of her own, cats, and rabbits. Jeani’s favorite breed of cat is the Flame Point Siamese, but she has a variety of beloved breeds. Everyone one of her animals is a rescue with an incredible story. A lot of her “free-time” is involves animal adoption events, animal rescue transport, or animal husbandry. In addition to her love for animals, Jeani loves movie and cinema, theme parks, crafting and photography.

Johannah G. - Veterinary Assistant / Kennel Attendant

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Johannah is our part-time veterinary assistant, who joined our team at All Pets Clinic in February 2018. She helps handling animals and assisting our technicians, cares for boarding animals, and more. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know each pet and patient and helping care for them, as well as learning about radiology and surgery assisting.

"I love working at this clinic because All Pets Clinic always tries to do the best medicine for each pet. I love working with good-hearted employees and how willing they are to help me learn and supporting me."

At home, Johannah has a Greyhound dog named Cornbread and a mini Rex rabbit named Booney. She also spends her free time with family, attends concerts, fishes, goes boating, and cuddles her two lovely pets.

Alex F. - Veterinary Assistant / Kennel Attendant

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Before joining the All Pets Clinic team in August, 2017, Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Attendant Alex worked behind the scenes with Dr. Collins to prepare for the practice’s change in ownership, and is "excited about the future and what All Pets Clinic has to offer the Ocala community."

Already, Alex has proven himself as a Jack of all trades. When he’s not caring for the boarding animals or using his animal handling skills to assist the veterinarians and technicians, Alex is keeping the clinic sparkling clean, attending to building maintenance and repairing anything that needs fixing.

Not surprisingly, it’s Alex’s handiness and willingness to learn that make him such a valuable All Pets team member. But interacting with the dogs and getting to know the All Pets clients is what he likes most about his job.

With a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Alex is new to the field of veterinary medicine, and has a burning desire to learn and grow at All Pets Clinic. "I enjoy learning all aspects of veterinary medicine and animal boarding in a cohesive work environment," he said. "My co-workers work well as a team and have been very supportive, and I hope to help foster All Pet Clinic’s growth and success."

When he finds time to relax, Alex enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Dr. Collins, and hanging out with their family: his favorite buddy, Beckett, a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix, Curry the lab mix, a cool cat named Wilbur, and most recently, a German Shepherd named Hope, who was rescued as a 14 week old puppy in the wake of Hurricane Irma. He loves to cook, enjoys gardening, fishing and mushroom hunting, and is an avid football fan (go Gators!).

Tammy J. - Groomer

Ocala, FL veterinary staff

Tammy began her animal care career by working at vet clinics. She then opened her own grooming business, aptly named Canine Cuttery. Tammy’s clients always knew she was no ordinary groomer, and before long her special skills and talents were recognized by the community at-large. In 2010, 2011 and 2015, Ocala Style Magazine named Tammy the "Top Business Professional" for Grooming through the Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership. Most recently, Tammy was honored as one of the top three groomers in Ocala Star Banner's "Best of the Best" contest in 2017 as a write-in contestant.

Tammy is more than a purveyor of beauty. Whether she’s bathing, clipping, trimming nails or cleaning ears, Tammy is always on the look-out for anything that might require a vet’s attention. She understands that pets with issues, such as skin conditions, require a deft and gentle hand, and finds it especially satisfying when she’s able to use her skills and knowledge to promote healing. Tammy is also well aware that some pets are less than thrilled about the prospect of being groomed, and has a knack for calming fearful animals. "When an animal is afraid or apprehensive, I enjoy being the one who’s able to calm him and make him feel safe and relaxed enough to be groomed," Tammy said.

When she’s not at the clinic Tammy spends much of her time antique hunting.

Tammy shares her home with Rudy the Cairn Terrier, Durp Durp the Ball Python and Buttercup the rabbit. As a self-described "sucker for rescue animals," she has opened her home and heart to more dogs, cats, birds, snakes and turtles than she can count—not to mention a rescued owl.

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